We are always grateful and appreciative of all of the great feedback we get from our clients and guests. Below is just a small sampling of happy clientele and attendees that we have worked with recently and in the near past. Here is what they have to say.

  • Vanessa’s homemade Chicken Noodle Soup goes neck to neck with my mom’s homemade Chicken Noodle Soup from scratch. I have never tasted soup so amazing. I would eat soup everyday if I could eat her soup. I knew her food was very good but when you can whip up natural ingredients and tasteful, rich Jamaican style soup at the drop of a hat that keeps me longing for more, all I can say is she is truly blessed and gifted. Thanks for keeping a piece of my mom close!!

  • Jennifer Gordon-DMV

  • Vanessa is truly living her divine passion and she cooks with love! She came to visit the area I live in for the weekend. She only came for a few hours and she came with a grocery bag. I wondered who buys groceries and comes to your house? What was in store was nothing short from heavenly. She cooked brunch for my family, Shrimp n grits which I have never had together and wondered how this would taste. I am open for new adventures so I went with the flow. The meal was exotic and the presentation was so delightful I wanted to take a picture not eat it, lol. My son, a very picky eater ate so much shrimp I thought he would explode. He said while devouring the shrimp, “mommy this is the best shrimp, I’ve ever had.” My husband and I laughed and agreed it was out of this world. I cook for my family and I incorporated several pointers and I will call and ask for ideas and advice when cooking. She is always willing and helpful and my meals are not as good but my family enjoys them. Thanks Nessa for making food fun and delicious.

  • Fans in Baltimore-MD

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