We are always grateful and appreciative of all of the great feedback we get from our clients and guests. Below is just a small sampling of happy clientele and attendees that we have worked with recently and in the near past. Here is what they have to say.

  • Dear Blossoming Taste Buds. Thank you so much for coming to the rescue for my 1st Annual Retirement Technology Superbowl Party. The BBQ and Wingettes were” All Stars” and everyone is still talking. All the best to you in the future. Wells Fargo.

  • Joanne Layel-Charlotte, NC

  • I recall the New Years brunch that Chef NessyB prepared for me and my guests. It was absolutely divine. You made me a believer when you prepared gourmet black eyed-peas. Who knew? I can’t wait until you start your mail order delivery services and deliver to Virginia. Hurry Up!!! It is not fair that the locals have all your talents and skills but I know that you travel. I will call you for my next event soon.

  • Dr. Frances Williams-Norfolk, Virginia

  • Vanessa.. I wish you were here in New York. My friend needs some fabulous food for her event (Smile). I immediately thought of you… your food is out of this world!!

  • Holly Pulliam-New York, New York

  • I am always pleasantly surprised when I treat myself to the variety of dishes prepared by Blossoming Taste Buds with the lobster potatoe salad being one of my absolute favorites! Its a joy & a blessing to see this company expand like I knew it would!

  • Lillian Smith-Atlanta, GA

  • I can not begin to tell you how excited I am that VB Hall's (Vanessa to many) recipes will soon be easily viewed for the rest of us wanna be gourmet chefs!! Vanessa and I met while working at MSG and she was constantly bringing in the most amazing smelling foods for lunch! I tried a few and thought...wow...this girl can cook! So on a Sunday in the middle of the winter my fiancee at the time drove to get her (and her bags of pots/pans and spices) so she could give me a cooking lesson. We were in the kitchen for literally 8 hours and our apartment smelled like heaven! Although all the meals that came out of my kitchen that afternoon were great it was her famous short ribs that we will never forget (I think my fiancee wanted to marry her after eating them). I don't eat meat often, but that day I found myself sucking on the bones because the short ribs were literally falling off the bones. They were so unbelievably delicious! I guarantee if you follow her recipe you will be hooked!

  • Heather Tollin- Long Island, NY

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