We are always grateful and appreciative of all of the great feedback we get from our clients and guests. Below is just a small sampling of happy clientele and attendees that we have worked with recently and in the near past. Here is what they have to say.

  • Hosting a dinner party? An unknown for me! I knew I needed help....Vanessa to the rescue! I was so fortunate to have the help of Blossoming Taste Buds to service our dinner party for 8 adults and 5 kids. I would never have been able to do it without Chef Vanessa! The service was professional and the food was amazing. I highly recommend it for your next event!

  • Stacey Cornell-South Charlotte

  • Blossoming Taste Buds is AWESOME. Chef Nessy B catered a surprise romantic dinner for my husband's birthday. I gave her some idea of the foods that he and I like and she put together a wonderful menu and even included a few extra surprises. Blossoming Taste Buds took care of everything: from food, china, drinks, tableware and decor; it was stress free. We look forward to having more events catered through Blossoming Taste Buds as the overall experience was truly... AWESOME.

  • Asso Yankson-Uptown Charlotte

  • I recently used Blossoming Taste Buds for my sonís graduation party. The event was wonderful! The food was absolutely delicious, with all my guests enjoying it! The BBQ and the Mac & Cheese were my faves but everything was awesome! The service was excellent with Vanessa attending to every detail. I even noticed that she was able to help some of my elder guests out a few times, showing us a personal touch that was over and above what was expected but oh so appreciated. Thanks so much, Vanessa. I will tell everyone I know to use you for their events!!

  • Tammy Forbes-Huntersville, NC

  • Hey Vanessa! Thank you so much for the time you spent with Jordan teaching her the proper techniques for preparing food and food safety. She had an amazing time and the food was fantastic. I will keep an eye open for your group lessons  Iíve attached the photos from our lesson.

  • Tina Grosvenor-China Grove, NC

  • Recently, I wanted to plan something for my anniversary. I contacted Blossoming Taste Buds (the best decision I could have made). The owner, Vanessa came by gave me ideas with food and the actual setup. We settled on an anniversary dinner with 3 courses, with a full dining service. We had two flavors of Cornish Hens (orange herbed balsamic and Jerk). We cannot tell you which one was our favorite because both were full of flavor that really opened our taste buds. The desserts ----- a choice of either apple or strawberry lattice pies ----so good and sweet. The day of the dinner I did not have to worry about a thing. What more can you ask for good friends, exceptional food and the professionalism of Blossoming Taste Buds. Thanks so much, Vanessa. We definitely will use your company again!!!!!

  • Mrs. V. Lee-Mt. Holly, NC

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