At Blossoming Taste Buds " we offer the following Menu Options along with our Boutique services"

Don't settle for yet another empty calorie, nutrition less, meal that tastes like cardboard or doesn't overwhelm you.

Blossoming Taste Buds ™ is a fantastic Personal Chef and Special event food preparation company. The focus of our product is preparing foods that will make your taste buds sing and blossom as new flavors and cuisines are introduced. We focus on healthy, low-fat, diabetic friendly, protein, and vegetable rich courses. We are very versatile and flexible in the meals that we prepare and offer to our special clientele. Our Personal Chef services are completely customized for every client; we are happy to offer service for households of all sizes and will work to accommodate any special dietary needs.

We also specialize in servicing Special Events. Should you have a small affair that you need to have serviced with class and style, contact us. We can design a plan for your affair that will be most memorable for you and your guest or colleagues.

Menu Options

    Lifestyle Wellness Solution Food Plans

  • Weight management Portion Control Plan *
  • Gluten-Free *
  • Diabetic meal Care *
  • Low-Carb Management *
  • High Blood Pressure/Lower Your Cholesterol Meals *
  • Low Fat
  • 200 Calories or Less Meal Solutions
  • Child Friendly
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Plans
  • Elderly Care Meal Packages
  • Customized Menus *


Have a special need ? Give us a call ! We can help!!

Pricing may vary depending on individual needs and menus selections picked. Some menu selections are priced higher than others. For special diets there is an additional one time $75 research fee.

Please select a plan to suit the needs of you and/or your family. The Entrée Plan is a great plan that you select from our fixed Weekly Menu. The food is prepared Fresh in your kitchen and stored either individually or Family style.

Entrée Plans
  Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Number of Entrées 5 4 3 2
Servings 4 each + sides 4 each + sides 4 each + sides 4 each + sides
  Entrée plus 2 sides 20 meals for 1 10 meals for 2 5 meals for 5 Entrée plus 2 sides 16 meals for 1 8 meals for 2 4 meals for 4 Entrée plus 2 sides 12 meals for 1 6 meals for 2 3 meals for 4 Entrée plus 2 sides 8 meals for 1 4 meals for 2 2 meals for 4
Frequency Weekly for a family of 4 Bi-weekly for a family of 2 Bi-Weekly or Monthly for a single person Bi-Weekly As needed call for service date As needed call for service date
Packaging Individual or Family Individual or Family Individual or Family Individual or Family
Cost $325** Plus Groceries $315** Plus Groceries $285** Plus Groceries $170** Plus Groceries

All Entree plan pricing includes

A FREE Private Consultation - Assessment, All Menu Research & Customization, same day Grocery Shopping (to guarantee the freshest ingredients), Meal Preparation, Travel to and from your home, Cooking and Packaging / Storage and Clean up. Complete reheating and storage instructions will be left with the client. We will remove and discard all trash acquired during meal preparation.

Note: Since we are already at the Grocery Store selecting the freshest ingredients for your cook date, we can complete your weekly list for you. There is an additional service fee of $20.00 per shopping trip, per store.

The price of groceries is not included in the entrée price. Payment must be made in advance with a food deposit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. **Local taxes are not included.

We Proudly Accept These Four Major Credit Cards

If the above packages do not meet your needs, contact us to design a custom package for you.


Depending on your needs, your food can be packaged in disposable or reusable containers. This will be discussed during your Client Assessment. There is a one-time start-up fee for the purchase of quality re-usable food storage containers, such as Pyrex, Corning, Rubbermaid, etc. Our goal is to try and use what you already own, incorporating them into the storage and meal plan. Should you prefer disposable containers an additional container charge will be assessed each cook date.

Formal Dinner Parties

Enjoy an on-premise experience of a deliciously dinner prepared right in the comfort and privacy of your, home, estate, cabin or yacht with Blossoming Taste Buds. The Chef arrives at your location with all fresh ingredients and their own equipment to prepare your, selected dinner (3-5 courses), in your kitchen. She will then plate, serve, and clear each course to you and your guests. At the completion of the experience, the Chef and/or event team will clean-up of all tableware and the preparation areas.
Currently we can accommodate 2-15 guests for formal dinner parties.

Your Formal Dinner Service Includes:   

·         Customized Menu selection  

·         Designer Menu Keepsake  

·         Dinner Center piece  

·         Grocery shopping and fresh food and seasonal fruits and vegetables  

·         On-premise food preparation  

·         Tableware setting (rental may be required)  

·         Plating, serving, and clearing of each course  

·         Complete clean-up  

Entertaining will be simple and definitely enjoyable with a formal dinner party from Blossoming Taste Buds with meal our execution and superior service.  Why don’t you leave the serving up to us?

Formal Dinner Party Pricing:

3 Course dinners – Pricing starts at $96.00 pp

4 Course dinner - Pricing starts at $110.00 pp

5 Course dinner – Pricing starts at $135 pp

6-10guest will require, one assistant, at $75 -for 3 or 4 courses only

10-15guest will require, two assistants, at  $150 -for 3 or 4 courses only


 The above pricing does not include the cost of groceries.


For your convenience we have provided Our Food Questionnaire for you to download, print, review, and complete prior to our first meeting. You can always reach out to us should you have any questions prior to your first consult.

Personal Chef

Please select a plan to suit the needs of you and/or your family. The Entrée Plan is a great plan that you select from our fixed Weekly Menu. The food is prepared Fresh in your kitchen and stored either individually or Family style.

Lifestyle Wellness Solution Food Plans

Diet restrictions do not have to equate to boring, bland food that taste like cardboard. We have several meal options to suit every health need. As health concerns rise, consumers desire functional foods that impart health benefits specific to their needs. We have menus to accommodate Low sodium, Low Carb, Low Fat, Gluten-Free diets. If necessary and with your permission we will work confidentially with you, your doctor, dietitian/nutritionist, holistic specialist, or personal trainer to design a customized meal plan according to your specific health and wellness needs. This Lifestyle Wellness meal will be absolutely delicious and still be compliant with your health requirements.

World Class Cuisines

Are you looking for way to experience the tastes and delicacies of different countries without breaking the bank by traveling internationally? Let Blossoming Taste Buds ™ create delectable courses from the Far East, The Caribbean, Italy, France, China, India, Morocco, and many other exotic places. Your Taste buds will blossom and grow with the new flavors each week from our Travel Through Exotic Places menu option.


People choose to be vegan or vegetarians for health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons. The key to a nutritionally sound vegan and vegetarian diets is variety. A healthy and varied vegan or vegetarian diet includes fruits, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Allow Blossoming Taste Budsí ô expertise and knowledge of vegan and vegetarian diets to create the most scrumptious, vitamin filled courses for you and your family. See our Sample Menu page for sample items.

Child Friendly

Teaching kids to eat healthy foods at a young age will help them develop healthy eating patterns for life. Blossoming Taste Buds™ will prepare your child(ren) what they want and have them sprinting to the dinner table every night. We accomplish this with a healthy twist on proven kids favorites like chicken fingers, tuna melts, and good old no-bake mac & cheese, mini pizzas, and much more. Contact us to discuss viable menu options for your little precious one(s).

Elderly Care Meal Packages

Having cared personally for aging relatives, Blossoming Taste Buds ™ has the experience and personal touch it takes to carefully prepare meals for our special cherished elderly population. We will consult and collaborate with the Client, Family, and other health care team members, as appropriate, to plan, prepare, and store healthy foods. Any diet can be accommodated, including Regular, Diabetic, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc. Besides, while we are there we will be great source of light companionship while we are preparing their balanced meal.

Romantic Dinners for Two

Who said staying home with just the two of you is not romantic. You don’t need to have a special occasion to host a romantic dinner. Let Blossoming Taste Buds ™ bring the flowers, prepare the meal, serve the meal, create the ambiance, light the candles, set the table and leave your kitchen spotless. Trust us... this will be a night they will never ever forget.

Leave the crowds, and the costs outside as you share an unforgettable evening with your special someone in your very own cherished home setting.

Sample Menu

  • Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Sauce
  • Shrimp in parsley butter with light savory Cauliflower Mash
  • Herbed Baked Salmon with honey glazed green beans
  • Brie-Stuffed Chicken Breasts with a light cucumber Salad
  • Apple Crisps for Dessert
  • Bananas Foster
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Strawberry Pie

Meals delivered for Business Professionals in Town on Projects that donít want hotel food!

You have Employees or team members that are coming in town and the hotel they are staying at has the fitness center which they will use and gain points on their wellness program. However, the room service food selection menu is filled with high sodium, high-fat, nutritious lacking, reheated frozen foods. Why not use Blossoming Taste Buds™ to deliver the most balanced, healthy nutritious meals to your employees or consultants while they are in town on a business project for a negotiated rate? What a wonderful solution!! Contact us for menu options and pricing for Corporate Wellness Program Menu options.

Meals for Out of Town Guests

We will provide meals for your out of town guests. You may have guests in town for a week and they don’t want to go out to eat every day and want a phenomenal meal. You also know that you certainly do not have the time to cook for them when you come in from appointments during the day. Let Blossoming Taste Buds ™ come in and prepare fresh, healthy meals for them and take a load off of you. Please Contact us for pricing.

Small Corporate Luncheons/ Dinners

Blossoming Taste Buds ™ looks forward to servicing your small corporate luncheons and dinners. Please Contact us for menu options and pricing.

Private In-home Parties

Having the boss over for dinner, planning a seasonal Brunch in the garden, Summer BBQ, Hors d’oeuvre on the patio we can take care of all of the arrangements for you. How about a chic bridal shower or small wedding or rehearsal dinner? We can take care of your particular needs with Class, Style and amazing cuisine. Well maybe it is Game Day (Sports/Superbowl/NCAA Parties) and you want the BEST appetizers EVER!!! Give Blossoming Taste Buds a call for special deals and pricing. We’ve got you!

Cooking Pastries for School Fundraisers or meals for the Pot Luck at the office

So you just walked in the door and you find out you need to make cookies and cupcakes for 100 kids in two days. You say to yourself, who has time for that; there are just not enough hours in the day. No worries! Just give Blossoming Taste Buds a call and we can definitely jump in and take care of that for you.

Small Cooking Instructional Classes

Want to have fun with some friends and cook a fantastic meal together in a intimate setting with a skilled instructor? Then call Blossoming Taste Buds ™ and schedule a cook time. You will leave with a couple of new recipes, eaten a great meal and an experience you will remember for a lifetime. We can accommodate up to 8 guests per class. Pricing will vary and depends upon the menu selection. Please call for availability.

Cooking Demonstrations

Want to showcase your fresh local produce, herbs, and spices from your local farm. Partner with Blossoming Taste Buds to present your products in the most delectable dishes to hungry visitors and onlooker during the demonstration and enhance your revenue from sales of your product. It’s a Win Win!

Kitchen Re-Organization

So your kitchen can be organized a bit better in more efficient manner and certainly needs some tidying up. But, you just don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time or even want to do it. Let Blossoming Taste Buds ™ step in to complete the overhaul for you. We will clean, sanitize (where necessary), organize, color code and label it for you. Please Contact us we will arrange a time that is most convenient for you to do an in-home estimate.

Personal Grocery Shopping

Do you absolutely hate going to the grocery store? Need a great Savvy shopper to gather all of your ingredients for a small gathering? We will do your personal shopping for you. If it is your cook date & we are already at the Grocery Store selecting the freshest ingredients for you, we can complete your weekly list for you. Service fee is $20.00 per shopping trip, per store. If you would like us to take care of your grocery shopping for you without a cook date we can definitely take care of that for you also. Our fee is $35 with an additional $10.00 required for each additional store. Please Contact us for availability.

Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get your mother for mother’s day? Or you are stumped on what to get your BFF for her bridal or baby shower? Call Blossoming Taste Buds ô. We can take care of all of the prep work and not to mention it would be a fantastic gift that she will LOVE. It is also a wonderfully unique idea for anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, holidays, thank-you gifts, while recuperating from an illness, or just because.

Team Work

We are a team! Let’s work out the most budget friendly, healthy delicious, yet nutritious menu options for you and your family. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. Let’s get Started!!!

Please Click Here To Download Our Food Questionnaire