Quickly heat... Serve... Sloowwwly Savor!

Blossoming Taste Buds™ prides itself in preparing delectable healthy and nutritious meals for friends, families of all sizes, and corporate clients. It would be understated if we called it a Passion. We absolutely adore food!!! Not to mention it gives us joy sharing our seasoned skills and talents to offer Traditional, Gourmet, Fusion, and International along with many other cuisines to others. It is our pleasure!!

Now, how many times have you been in the car after work and said..I just don’t feel like cooking, I really don’t. Or said to yourself, I don’t feel like eating the same ole thing again. Or, you could not make up your mind and just settled for a “Number 2” in the drive-thru which did not hit the spot, was greasy, and cost $9.72 not to mention it added 972 calories to your day? Sound Familiar?

We can take care of those needs for you with a delicious customized menu to suit the needs of you and your family at great prices. We can plan meals for Weight Loss, Sports and Nutrition, World Class Cuisines, Exotic menus, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and many more. We will prepare these meals in your home for you and leave the most scintillating smells to welcome you and your family from a busy day. These services are also available for Special Events.

How it began...

I started cooking at a very early age. I remember one of my earlier tasks was to help break string beans and clean Kale for big dinner parties my parents used to host frequently at our house. As an excited small kid, I used to pester my mom to let me help her with “the big tasks” like mixing the cake batter. I eventually worked my way up to that, but my goal was to be the little “Queen of The Stove”. I so looked forward to having all the burners going like my mom did so many times. I wanted to be like my grandmothers with wooden spoons dipped in eloquent sauces and divine Caribbean and Southern dishes. I also at a young age wanted to have the same affect and hear the ooohhs and aaahhhs that happened when my Uncle would pull hot bubbly pastries out of the oven. *Big Sigh* Oh the memories!

My mother was a Chef in New York City for several years and worked for very high profile clients. I would love to hear talk about the different dishes she would make and love her descriptions of the ingredients. My mom cooked fresh meals for us each night at home in Westchester even after she had worked a full day in Manhattan. She made sure we had a hot meal before we headed off to bed each night. She was and is still amazing.

In my early teenage years, I discovered the “The Food Network” and Julia Child on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station). I could not be pulled away from the station. I did not want to go out to play after my homework was completed. I just wanted to see what the chefs were doing on that station and recreate the meals at home with my own unique twist. Then Daddy would get home from his shift and I would cut off the TV and hop in bed or sit with him as he ate his meal that Mommy had prepared and just heated for him.

My name is Vanessa B. Hall, but known to many as Chef NessyB. My love for all things food has grown exponentially over the years. I was making everyday & gourmet meals for friends and family in my early teens. This tradition still continues today. Now I am called upon on a professional level to host their most special, personal, and professional events. I went off to college to pursue Telecommunications with a Minor in Project Management in Atlanta. I have worked in the IT field for a number of years and was an Actress/Vocalist for a time. The Arts always have and always will have a special place in my heart.


My heart has always led me back to the kitchen which encouraged me to launch Blossoming Taste Buds, LLC ™, a Personal Chef and Special Events Company. Blossoming Taste Buds™ is licensed as a limited liability company in the state of North Carolina. I am a Certified Personal Chef. I am also ServSafe certified. My cooking experience spans well over two decades. My experience includes professional training and tons of cooking classes under my belt.

Give us a Try...

Blossoming Taste Buds™ would love to bring great meals into your home for generations to come. We design unique, well tailored meals and welcome the opportunity to meet your needs. We will team with you to develop meals that concentrate on, refined palates, picky taste buds, or those with health concerns with menus that will appeal to you time after time.

Not only will you get a great meal, you can have a gifted, personable chef that really cares about the quality of food that you, your families and guests will consume. Cooking is a Gift. Let me share mine with you and yours.

Contact Us...

We can be reached for a FREE consultation at info@blossomingtastebuds.com or give us a call at 704-771-8552. All calls will be returned within 24 hours.